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The role of the Duty Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader is one that requires confidence in one-self to move from being a “worker” to one who leads and manages frontline team members who were once their peers. This is not always an easy task for many as they become typically involved in a downward spiral of “doing” and not delegating or overseeing.

This program looks at their personal skills in dealing with team members, senior management and customers. It allows them the opportunity to commence to discover their true potential and start/continue on the path of the Leader/Manager they really want to be, by focusing on their Self Image; mastering their emotions and releasing their full potential benefiting not only themselves, the team they lead, the venue and of course the customers.

Identifying program participants within your organisation should not only rely on those already holding these positions but those team members who show “real” potential. By offering this VIP Leadership Team Development program to those not already in the role will create an opportunity for you to view how they respond, engage and react to the various areas covered throughout the program and perhaps a pathway on their journey to a leadership role within the organisation.

As an Accredited Trainer in Extended Disc Profiling Michelle includes individual Behavioural Profiling and Team Profiling assessments.

The over-riding objective is to make every team member more valuable and productive and by incorporating this methodology it provides Leaders with an understanding of how their leadership style impacts on their environment, team members and job performance.

To make a real difference individual excellence must be supported up and down the chain of management and backed by systems of communication and organisation that really work.

For your frontline team to perform to their full potential that must be led by a strong manager who leads by example, who is fair, communicates the goals of the team, considerate, trustworthy, says what they are going to do, respectful and inclusive.

This is not certification training, it is results training, because we believe it’s all about the results not the certificates on the wall.

To learn more about the VIP FRONTLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE workshops and the VIP LEADERSHIP TEAM DEVELOPMENT program please contact Michelle at
[email protected] or on +61 407 227 025.


Training Programs

This workshop can be delivered in 3 ways depending on your needs;

1 x 6 hour session
2 x 3 hours sessions
1 x 3 hour session

The program includes;

  • Managing patron expectations
  • Relationship building principles
  • Creating an interactive welcoming experience
  • 6 steps to enhanced service  excellence
  • Knowledge of the pre-eminent position  of “first impressions”
  • Service recover – handling patron complaints effectively, providing a solution

The outcomes of this training:

  • Reinforce desired organisational culture
  • Improved productivity from frontline team members
  • Engaged frontline team members
  • Enhanced ability to resolve service problems

A 3 day intensive program for your current leadership team and potential leader aspirants.

The program includes;

  • Stepping up from buddy to boss
  • Defining your leadership style – DISC Behavioural Profiling
  • Dealing with conflict resolution
  • Developing non-negotiable service standards

The outcomes of this training;

  • Understanding the impacts of differing leadership styles
  • Conscious commitment  - working together as a united leadership team
  • How to connect and grow your teams’ potential

A 3 hour workshop with your hand-picked gaming team.

The program includes;

  • Understanding the VIP profile
  • First and lasting impressions
  • Techniques in developing rapport with your VIP’s
  • Creating a VIP experience through service
  • Understanding the importance of privacy and discretion

Building communication channels with management

The outcomes of this training:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of VIP’s desires / demands
  • A “toolkit” to assist VIP’s with their unique needs
  • Reinforcement of values including: the importance of not making personal judgements

A 3 hour workshop with your key frontline team.

The program includes;

  • Knowledge of the pre-eminent position of “first impressions”
  • The impact and importance of personal image and grooming
  • Creating an interactive and informative welcoming experience
  • Making the farewell a great lasting impression
  • Understanding membership benefits – promoting membership
  • How to assist with patron enquiries and concerns on the telephone and in the venue

The outcomes of this training;

  • Reinforcement of desired organisational culture
  • Understanding of importance of first and last impressions
  • Comprehensive knowledge of “selling” the venue

A 3 hour workshop for team members in catering areas.

The program includes;

  • Creating a 5 star dining experience – knowledge and welcoming
  • Working together as a team ensuring a positive dining experience
  • The importance of communication in linking back and front of house
  • Understanding the opportunities for all to celebrate a career path
  • Clearer understanding of all roles

The outcomes of this training:

  • Reinforcement of desired organisational culture and customer service outcomes
  • Enhanced skills to deal with diverse circumstances
  • Improved teamwork

A 3 hour workshop for reception and instructors.

The program includes;

  • Techniques for coping with a busy service area
  • Establishing rapport
  • Understanding the diverse drivers of attendees
  • Providing membership options
  • Dealing with disappointment, frustration and extremes of self-image
  • The importance of presentation and image

The outcomes of this training;

  • Detailed understanding of attendance drivers
  • Enhanced ability to clinch the sale
  • Understanding of importance of first and last impressions

A 3 hour workshop for those in administration and in the classroom.

The program includes;

  • Bringing your best self to work
  • Importance of first and last impressions
  • Conscious commitment to team work
  • Encouraging a respectful and caring workplace
  • The qualities of a memorable day and goal of it being the norm
  • Knowledge and application of discretion

The outcomes of this training:

  • Detailed understanding of techniques of building morale and team dynamics
  • Reinforcement of roles and relationship with management
  • Skills to better manage a multi dimensional workplace

A 2 hour workshop for those in management presenting in the Boardroom and other events.

The program includes;

  • 3 keys to the perfect professional presentation
  • Breathing techniques – settling the nerves
  • Projection of voice
  • Body language on the stage
  • Handling technical equipment

The outcomes of this training;

  • Enhanced confidence in presenting
  • Ensuring clarity in presentation
  • Ability to captivate the audience

The VIP Leadership Team Development Program

"Michelle's willingness and ability to customise reports so they are really specific to our service delivery standards make her services truly outstanding ... Timely reports enable us to action feedback from those visits giving praise and flagging what could be improved."

HR Manager Mounties Group

"Your flexibility on and off stage as well as prior to the event just made the day so much easier for us as event organisers..... It's not easy to connect with and keep interested 150 high school students, but you did by weaving your personal stories and humour throughout the day."

Community Development Officer Crime Prevention, Bankstown City Council

"It was an absolute delight to have Michelle Pascoe speak to at our Inspiring Women event. Michelle gave our business owners great insights into the different age demographics and their customer experience expectations. Highly recommend! Thank you so much!"

Sue Heins
Inspiring Women

"The feedback on the content and delivery from our members was very good. I took away some effective key points which I will be presenting to my team. Definitely a very thought provoking presentation."

President The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce & Pereira Realty Group

"An incredibly fickle and judgemental industry, hospitality audiences can be hard to win over but Michelle’s very distinctive approach of identifying through personal experience as a business owner, her fantastic manner of story telling to give relevant examples and very humanistic approach to presenting was well received."

Restaurant Association

"Michelle has a passion for customer service and a gift for growing people. She has a broad vision and an eye for detail ...... She is accessible, efficient and people just love her and working with her."

HR Manager Revesby Workers Club

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