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Middle Management Movement

Middle Management Movement is for the ambitious frontline team member or leader, looking to climb the ranks into upper management.

More than just an online course; it is content & resource-rich, with a community based on values infused leadership.

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Customer Retention Revolution

Customer Retention Revolution is an online course for business leaders or owners ready to improve their overall customer experience, team retention strategies and bottom line as a result.

Become a Customer Retention Revolutionist and receive your complete road map to retaining long term customers and employees for business success.

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Second Momentum



I help you embrace your Second Momentum to build the business you've always dreamed.

Step outside the rat race and do something meaningful with this next chapter of your life?


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The 3 Step Formula that Consistently Creates Loyal Customers

Build a loyalty strategy that creates return customers for years to come!

Pair text with an image to call out a particular feature, benefit, or product. A common best practice is to stack multiple Text & Image sections in an alternating pattern.

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The 3 Keys to Continuous Business Improvement

Free ebook for SME's, professional services sector and hospitality industry.

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