Unlock Your Hospitality Organisation's Potential in just 12 weeks:

By Empowering Your Middle Managers for Success

Unlock the untapped potential of your organisation by developing and promoting empowered leaders from within.

Join our Middle Management Movement program a values-based leadership program developing your middle managers confidence, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence in just 12 weeks.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Pascoe the CEO of OOPS.  A short personal message from me.
MMM Program Participants 

You Know When It Comes to Your Leadership Team Things Need to Change...

Your team has a lack of understanding around the needs of the business

Your team doesn't share the same enthusiasm and focus as you

Your team are on a different page when it comes to  communication


Middle Management Movement - Leadership Development Program

The Middle Management Movement program is a proven methodology that maximises productivity without sacrificing much needed "downtime". Using our proprietary process move your middle managers through the four stages of Future Leader, Evolving Leader, Effective Leader and Visionary Leader.

Transform your team into a powerhouse of motivated and skilled individuals, poised to drive success and innovation in the hospitality industry.  Creating a dynamic and thriving workplace culture with our Middle Management Movement program.  

If Things Don't Change,
Things Won't Change...

In the next 12 weeks, your leadership team could…


  • Effortlessly transition from 'Buddy to Boss' with our tailored guidance, ensuring a seamless shift that fosters respect, authority, and increased team productivity.
  • Harness the power of self-awareness in their leadership style, witnessing a transformative impact on themselves and the entire team, fostering collaboration, productivity, and a positive work environment.
  • Establish and uphold communication channels for a streamlined flow of information, promoting transparency, trust, and a cohesive work culture that fuels efficiency and success.
  • Achieve a harmonious work environment through the cultivation of personal responsibility and emotional boundaries, fostering heightened accountability, mutual respect, and a culture of empathy and understanding.
  • Unleash unparalleled team potential through a dedicated and intentional leadership approach, paving the way for enhanced employee engagement, heightened productivity, and a thriving, goal-oriented work culture.
  • Foster a cohesive and unified team environment that consistently delivers unparalleled service and memorable experiences to patrons, fostering customer loyalty, positive brand recognition, and increased business success.
  • Leverage the benefits of emotional intelligence to foster deeper connections, enable effective conflict resolution, and cultivate a happy and empathetic work environment that drives heightened employee satisfaction and team performance.

Investing in Your Leadership Team?  I Get It.

  • This program offers participants a unique opportunity to discover and embrace their true leadership potential.
  • Honing in on self-image, emotional mastery, and unlocking untapped capabilities, our program guides individuals on the path to becoming the leaders and managers they aspire to be.
  • This journey not only benefits participants personally but also significantly contribute to the success of your venue.


Concerned About Time...

  • Lifetime access: When you join the Middle Management Movement program, participants gain lifetime access to the resources and learning materials.¬† This means your team can return to the content whenever they need to refresh their knowledge or skills.
  • Just One Hour Per Week:¬† The program is designed to require just one hour per week of your team member's time.¬†
  • Consider this:¬† What's the impact of developing your middle managers' confidence, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence?¬† A more unified, loyal team?¬† A positive work environment?¬† Retention of your best team members?¬† Those outcomes are just the tip of the iceberg!


  • Make every team member more valuable and productive through intentional leadership.
  • Have a united leadership team.
  • Allow your leaders to discover their true potential and start/or continue on the path¬†towards the Leader they really want to be.


  • Develop Leadership Skills: Participants will enhance their leadership capabilities by mastering essential skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and team management.
  • Deepen Industry Knowledge: The program will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry, including its trends, challenges, and best practices, enabling them to make informed decisions and devise effective strategies.
  • Foster Operational Excellence: Through practical workshops and simulations, participants will gain hands-on experience in managing various aspects of hotel operations, including front office, food and beverage, housekeeping, and guest services.


  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence: The program will help participants develop emotional intelligence, enabling them to handle challenging situations, build meaningful relationships with team members and guests, and navigate conflicts effectively.
  • Encourage Innovative Thinking: Participants will be encouraged to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to industry-specific challenges, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within their organisations.
  • Facilitate Networking Opportunities: Middle Management Movement will provide ample networking opportunities for participants to connect with industry experts, experienced leaders, and fellow professionals, enabling them to build valuable relationships and expand their professional network.

Hi, I'm Michelle

Since 1994, I have had the privilege of working with 120 venues and over 2000 participants in the hospitality industry through my company OOPS.  With a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential and a focus on career growth, I am an authority in the hospitality industry with extensive knowledge and experience. 

I believe in the power of storytelling, and I weave many stories into my programs to create engaging and impactful learning experiences. The Middle Management Movement Program has been carefully designed to ensure professional development and success in your leadership team, regardless of their current stage in their leadership journey. Whether they are new to the role, looking to step up, or already established as a Senior Leader, this program is the key to unlocking their true leadership potential.

With the convenience of an online platform and an onsite component, The Middle Management Movement Program is a "must-have" for any venue looking to bring out the best in their leadership team. 

I am committed to working with the highest integrity and helping my clients achieve exceptional standards. My goal is to engage and inspire the leaders of today and tomorrow, creating a dynamic and thriving workplace culture. 

Kind Words
from Past Participants

‚ÄúPractical Solutions for Real-World Challenges in the Hospitality Industry‚ÄĚ


I have completed similar courses with different providers in the past, but the Middle Management Movement program was delivered in a practical way that actually solves realistic challenges that I face every day as a Duty Manager. Michelle facilitated the program in a way that reminded me that the industry is forever changing and that we must innovate, adapt and continually find solutions as our obstacles evolve over time. 

~ Peter Hoang, Duty Manager, Revesby Workers Club

“Informative, interactive, and enjoyable" 



Middle Management Movement allowed me to gain further knowledge on what it means to be a leader, specifically in the relationships you build with staff. It taught me how to deal with specific groups of people in the workplace and what I should do in specific scenarios. The program was very informative and enjoyable at the same time, through how interactive it was and the way topics were presented. Michelle had an inclusive approach and we all felt welcome to share our opinions.

~ Ben Braun, North Bondi RSL

‚ÄúI would 110% recommend the Middle Management Movement program‚ÄĚ


I would 110% recommend the Middle Management Movement program. We got so much out of it - reassurance, an active listener, values work, amazing self help book, assessment on our individual selves, guidance, advice, just to mention a few. Keep doing you Michelle - you are someone I will never forget, and wherever I end up in life, I will always look back at your wisdom and support for guidance and as a role model.

~  Jasmine Muldoon, Rewards Hosts, Wests Illawarra



This Values-Based Leadership Program Develops Your Middle Managers Confidence, Leadership Skills, and Emotional Intelligence in Just 12 weeks.


The Result? Greater Team Loyalty, Improved Communication, Retain Top Talent, and a Workplace People Are Proud To Be a Part Of.


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When you join the Middle Management Movement Program

Lifetime access to the complete 13 modules Middle Management Movement online program 

Gain immediate and secure access to the comprehensive 13-module program through the exclusive online portal for the Middle Management Movement program. Experience seamless navigation, user-friendly interface, and on-demand content designed to accelerate your leadership development journey. Workbooks, videos and quizzes.

VALUE:  $21,000

Weekly Private Leadership Team Zoom Live Coaching Call

By dedicating 1 hour per week your MMM Leadership Team will join me in a weekly module discussion, where we collectively leverage our combined expertise, and drive organisational excellence. 

VALUE: $18,000

DISC Behavioural Profiling Assessment

A foundational step before the program begins, requiring each participant to undergo a DISC assessment. This evaluation fosters heightened self-awareness, empowering team members with deeper insights into their own behavioural tendencies. 

VALUE:  $6,000

Private link to all weekly Zoom call recordings

Secure access to live Zoom call recordings ensures that non-one in the team never misses a beat, offering convenience for future reference and catching up on missed weekly meetings. Whether you're revisiting key insights, clarifying discussions, or staying informed on crucial updates, these recordings serve as a valuable resource to align with the MMM leadership team's initiatives. 

VALUE: $750

Leadership Resource Book

Receive a curated Leadership Resource Book, a valuable asset designed to empower each participant with insights from industry-leading experts across the spectrum. Dive deep into proven strategies, innovative approaches, and transformative leadership practices that resonate with diverse experiences and perspectives. 

VALUE: $50

Graduation Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Middle Management Movement leadership development program, each participant is honoured with a Graduation Certificate. This tangible recognition symbolises their commitment, dedication, and achievement in mastering essential leadership competencies, fostering growth, and driving organisational success. 


BONUS #1: 

Private coaching call to discuss personal DISC analysis

A personalised Private Coaching Call focused on dissecting and understanding your DISC Behavioural Profiling Analysis. Engage in a one-on-one session tailored to explore your unique behavioural tendencies, strengths, challenges, and growth opportunities. Benefit from expert guidance, actionable insights, and customised strategies designed to leverage your DISC profile effectively in various leadership scenarios. Navigate interpersonal dynamics with confidence, enhance communication skills, and foster collaborative relationships within your team and organisation. 

VALUE:  $14,000

BONUS #2: Two Private Breakthrough Coaching Calls

Experience transformative growth with two private Break-Through Coaching Calls tailored specifically for each participant. Dive deep into personalised sessions designed to identify barriers, unlock potential, and propel the towards unparalleled success. Benefit from expert guidance, actionable strategies, and tailored solutions addressing each participants unique challenges, aspirations, and leadership objectives. Whether they are navigating career transitions, overcoming obstacles, or seeking to elevate their performance, these exclusive calls offer a supportive environment to explore, learn, and grow. 

VALUE:  $21,000

BONUS #3: Industry Leadership Online Community


The Middle Management Movement Mastermind‚ÄĒan exclusive community where participants of the program converge to connect, collaborate, and cultivate transformative leadership. As a member, each participant can gain access to a dynamic cohort of industry leaders, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of learning, support, and innovation. Engage in enriching discussions, share best practices, and leverage collective wisdom to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the middle management landscape.¬†


What is it Costing You NOT developing Your Leadership Team?

  • Research shows that the cost of recruiting a new employee in Australia is $26,000.¬† How much have you spent in hiring for your Leadership team and they haven't worked out?
  • Lack of stability and continuity.¬† When middle managers change frequently it disrupts established workflows, processes and relationships.
  • Inconsistency with Direction.¬† Different middle managers may have varying leadership styles, priorities and strategies.¬† This can lead to confusion among frontline team members about the organisation's goals, expectations and priorities.


When you do the "Math" this can equal TENS of thousands of dollars each year in recruitment, loss of productivity and revenue.


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Here's What the Modules Cover...


Completed prior to commencement of the program, the Individual DISC Behavioural Profiling Assessment is a foundational step before the program begins, requiring each participant to undergo a DISC assessment. This evaluation fosters heightened self-awareness, empowering team members with deeper insights into their own behavioural tendencies. Such awareness is pivotal, as it not only facilitates improved self-understanding but also fosters stronger interpersonal connections. By bolstering emotional intelligence, individuals can grasp how their actions influence others. Moreover, the assessment underscores the diversity in management styles within a leadership team, emphasising the importance of recognising and leveraging these differences. This recognition encourages leaders to harness the strengths of complementary styles, ensuring optimal team performance and synergy.



Leadership Essence: Unveiling Your Leadership Style

Explore your leadership style and assess the influence of leaders in your life. Uncover the elements that define your leadership approach.


Core Values in Action

Evaluate your actions and behaviours as reflections of your workplace values. Align your conduct with the team and organisational values for congruence.


Transitioning From Buddy to Boss

Navigate the journey from the frontline to a leadership role. Establish trust, practice effective delegation, maintain fairness, and embody a balanced leadership approach.


Fostering Team Loyalty Through Engagement

Grasp the six key principles that influence team loyalty. Learn strategies to connect with your team and cultivate lasting loyalty.


Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Identify common contributors to workplace conflict. Handle performance conversations with specificity and clarity, minimising misunderstandings.


Workplace Recognition Dynamics

Navigate recognition in a multi-generational workplace, acknowledging its diverse impact. Understand the importance of recognition for every team member.


Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries

Enhance relationships by setting and communicating clear expectations and responsibilities. Explore the critical role of boundaries in the workplace.


Navigating Diversity in the Workplace

Effectively navigate and manage diversity within your team, encompassing cultural, generational, gender, and other dimensions of diversity. Gain insights into different learning styles to lead a workforce that thrives on its diverse composition.


Crafting a Positive Internal Experience

Model and enforce positive behaviours to shape a thriving workplace culture. Foster an environment that aligns with the desired organisational culture.


Driving Organisational Performance

Empower an engaged team while addressing daily frustrations. Learn strategies to enhance organisational performance.


Effective Communication with Senior Managers

Master the 3 P‚Äôs ‚Äď preparation, planning, and performance in communicating compelling ideas to senior managers.


Boosting Morale in Your Team

Identify morale levels within your team and recognise morale champions. Implement strategies to elevate team morale.


Leading a Customer-Centric Team

Breaking "service stereotypes." Explore strategies for fostering a customer-focused team and transcending conventional service norms.

DISC Assessment Leadership Team Analysis

At the workshop at the completion of the program the DISC Group Assessment Analysis is shared.  This analysis provides organisations with a comprehensive understanding of their management team's behavioural styles. By delving into these distinct behavioural patterns, teams can foster more effective communication and motivation strategies tailored to individual preferences and tendencies. This tool not only strengthens interpersonal connections by boosting emotional intelligence but also sheds light on how specific behaviours impact team dynamics. When utilised within the team setting, the assessment promotes enhanced collaboration and synergy. Furthermore, the insights acquired help individuals become more self-aware of their triggers and stress responses, paving the way for improved stress management and fostering a culture of mutual support.

More Kind Words

‚ÄúBest course ever...‚ÄĚ


Middle Management Movement gave me a really good insight into how my leadership differs from others in our team & also how others see me as a leader. I thought the DiSC analysis was pretty accurate. It reinforced that I am a good leader but also made me aware of other team members having different ways in how they approach work. Some are much more analytical which made me understand they need to be led in a different way. On a personal note, it made me more confident to believe in myself, my values & my approach to work. The program was fun, insightful, interesting, informative & very valuable. Probably the best course I have done professionally.

~ Lee Farlow, Duty Manager, North Bondi RSL

‚ÄúHighly recommend...‚ÄĚ


My team and I gained a lot of meaningful tools and tips from completing the Middle Management  Movement course.

The online portal and training resources helped keep us all on track and the weekly sessions with Michelle helped to reinforce our learning.

I would highly recommend this training for supervisors/duty managers as it shows the way to lead and inspire a team of direct reports.


~ Gary Leighton, CEO, Warilla Sports Club

‚ÄúAuthentic connection...‚ÄĚ


We were fortunate to have some select leaders from our team participate in Michelle‚Äôs Middle Management Movement program. Michelle‚Äôs knowledge, dedication to service and leadership excellence, and ability to create a positive and engaging learning space resulted in an authentic connection with our team. We have since observed these team members putting their learnings into practice and I look forward to future opportunities to work with Michelle. Thank you again Michelle ‚Äď it has been a pleasure.

~ Rebecca Harrison, People & Culture Group Exec., Wests Illawarra

Questions Your Fellow Peers Asked Before Diving Into Middle Management Movement

What is it Costing You NOT developing Your Leadership Team?

  • Research shows that the cost of recruiting a new employee in Australia is $26,000.¬† How much have you spent in hiring for your Leadership team and they haven't worked out?
  • Lack of stability and continuity.¬† When middle managers change frequently it disrupts established workflows, processes and relationships.
  • Inconsistency with Direction.¬† Different middle managers may have varying leadership styles, priorities and strategies.¬† This can lead to confusion among frontline team members about the organisation's goals, expectations and priorities.


When you do the "Math" this can equal TENS of thousands of dollars each year in recruitment, loss of productivity and revenue.

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