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Middle Management Movement is a Mastermind & Online Course for the ambitious career-driven individual moving up from the frontline or already on the corporate ladder. It is based on values-infused leadership, providing proven tips and strategies to make you the leader you wish to be. 


Hi, I'm Michelle & welcome to Middle Management Movement


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Where are you on the ladder of life when it comes to your career goals and aspirations?

As a leader, what keeps you awake at night? Is it the realisation that your team doesn’t share the same enthusiasm and focus as you do when it comes to meeting the needs of the business and going beyond the expectations of your guests?

Are you wondering how you can have your leadership team on the same page when it comes to outcomes, discipline and communication?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a united team?

You want the answers. And you're here to reach your next level.

You're desperate to enhance your leadership capability and navigate the full potential of yourself, your team & your organisation by learning the skills required to lead yourself, intentionally lead your team and foster real organisational change.

Middle Management Movement will provide you proven tips and strategies to become the leader you wish to be, through our weekly Masterminds & course content.


More than just a Mastermind, Middle Management Movement Covers Practical & Actionable Course Content

Sign up and receive access to 14 modules, which each include a module introduction, video lesson and workbook

Module 1: Defining Leadership

What really constitutes a leader?

Module 2: Core Values

Why are core values an integral component of leadership?

Module 3: Stepping up, Boss-vs-Buddy

How do you navigate from frontline team player to the role of boss?


Module 4: How to Engage your Team to Develop Loyalty

Module 5: Handling Conflict in the Workplace

Module 6: Recognition in the Workplace

Module 7: Reflection & Bonus Content

Module 8: Working with Teams from Diverse Backgrounds 

Module 9: Are you Creating a Positive Internal Experience?

Module 10: Organisational Performance

Module 11: How to Communicate a great idea to your senior managers

Module 12: Building Morale in your Team

Module 13: Leading a Customer Focussed Team

Module 14: Personal Growth and Professional Development

If you sign up TODAY, you'll receive these free *BONUS* eBooks + Content


Analysing the Performance of your People from a Customer's Perspective

Building a VIP Intergenerational Team *AND* Three Ways to Connect & Build a Unified Team

VIP Leadership: The Tale of the Tortoise and Rabbit

For Change to be Successful, Leaders need to show their Heart

PLUS you'll also be apart of our weekly *LIVE* Mastermind

Raise the bar by supporting each other in creating and implementing goals, the course content, brainstorm ideas, and cheer each other on with total honesty, respect and compassion. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

Here's what my clients have to say:


 "She will drive your business & your venue to the next level!"

"You cannot get past the bright, bubbly & warm personality!"

"She makes her leadership training fun & interactive"

Scott Spicer | Executive Manager, Human Resources

"Michelle has a gift for growing people. She has a broad vision and an eye for detail ...... She is accessible, efficient and people just love her and working with her"

Julie Garland McLellan | Advisor to Boards & Directors

"Michelle's insights are so valuable and her ability to build from those insights simple strategies for greater success to be immeasurably valuable. She can convey her message with warmth and empathy to leave people with the desire, as well as the skill, to make better leadership engagements"

Ben Williamson | Group Workforce (HR) Manager

"Michelle's training has helped address staff at all levels including the Executive Team. Our staff walk away from with a renewed view on great customer service and strive to enhance the overall experience for our members and guests"

Is it time to get focused & develop your leadership skills?

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Access to the 14 module course

Educational video classes

Downloadable PDF's & resources

Weekly Mastermind for 12 weeks

Kajabi Community

Self paced & easy to action






Access to the 14 module course

Educational video classes

Downloadable PDF's & resources

Weekly Mastermind for 12 weeks

Kajabi Community

Self paced & easy to action



Meet the Woman behind your screen, Michelle

Hi, I'm Michelle, and I'm absolutely passionate about leadership team development. Over the years I've meticulously developed programs designed to unite your team and deliver your venue's objectives. Middle Management Movement was a lightbulb moment for me: An opportunity to train leaders at a larger and more mobile scale. I look forward to seeing you on the inside... In the mean time, if you'd like to know more about who I am and what I do, view the video below 👇



I'm already in a leadership position, is this course for me? YES, absolutely! Middle Management Movement is designed for frontline team members wanting to move to the middle management, AND existing middle managers and leaders wanting to improve and refine their leadership abilities, or climb up the corporate ladder.

Do you offer discounts? YES! Pay upfront & save.

Can I request a refund? As this is a digital product and community experience, you will not receive a refund on the previous months.

Can I book 1:1 time with you? YES, you sure can, please contact me at [email protected]


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