The VIP – Frontline & Leadership Programs

The role of the Duty Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader is one that requires confidence in one-self to move from being a “worker” to one who leads and manages frontline team members who were once their peers. This is not always an easy task for many as they become typically involved in a downward spiral of “doing” and not delegating or overseeing.

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Bringing Heart and Soul to Mystery Shopping

Since 1999 we have created long term relationships with ongoing recommendations and referrals, becoming a respected and trusted leading authority across a variety of industries, along with creating a niche in the Registered Club industry.

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Want to become a mystery shopper?

Mystery Shopping is a form of research work whereby an individual poses as a customer to objectively gather information on the business being studied. The information gathered usually focuses upon four main aspects; Marketing, Service, Image and Compliance.

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"Michelle's willingness and ability to customise reports so they are really specific to our service delivery standards make her services truly outstanding ... Timely reports enable us to action feedback from those visits giving praise and flagging what could be improved."

Annette Martin
HR Manager Mounties Group

"Your flexibility on and off stage as well as prior to the event just made the day so much easier for us as event organisers..... It's not easy to connect with and keep interested 150 high school students, but you did by weaving your personal stories and humour throughout the day."

Renee Oxford
Community Development Officer Crime Prevention, Bankstown City Council

"An incredibly fickle and judgemental industry, hospitality audiences can be hard to win over but Michelle’s very distinctive approach of identifying through personal experience as a business owner, her fantastic manner of story telling to give relevant examples and very humanistic approach to presenting was well received."

Restaurant Association

"Michelle has a passion for customer service and a gift for growing people. She has a broad vision and an eye for detail ...... She is accessible, efficient and people just love her and working with her."

Scott Spicer
HR Manager Revesby Workers Club

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