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Business Coaching - Second Momentum

I help you embrace your second momentum in life to grow the business you’ve always dreamed of when over 50.

Don’t let excuses like, “ I’m not ___________ enough” – you fill in the blank to start a business.  Don’t be discouraged by others (even loved ones).  The feeling of overwhelm, you’re not a whiz at technology or feel that the market is already saturated.  I am here to help you every step of the way whether it’s starting a new business or adding new services or even a new direction I am the right person to have by your side to embrace your second momentum in life.

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Speaking - Certified Speaking Professional.

As a Certified Speaking Professional and business owner since 1994 providing services to a variety of industries including the Hospitality Industry where it’s all about the “customer experience”, Michelle combines extensive experience and specialised knowledge with an absolute commitment to igniting the potential in each and every individual so they can achieve outstanding results.

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Online Courses - Middle management Movement, Handbag of Life, Customer Retention Revolution.

f you've been struggling with retaining customers and having an engaged workforce then you are in the right place.  In this course I'm going to share with you my proven strategies and systems to overcome your challenges and grow your business bottom line by becoming a workplace and business of choice.

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Mystery Shopping

Since 1999 we have created long term relationships with ongoing recommendations and referrals, becoming a respected and trusted leading authority across a variety of industries, along with creating a niche in the Registered Club industry.

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