Helping you choose the life you want not the life others think you should have.


About Michelle 

I’m a businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, trainer, podcaster and a nanna. I established my company Optimum Operating Procedures & Services (better known as OOPS) in 1994.  I work with people in organisations how to lead a multi generational workplace and create a memorable customer experience. Igniting the potential in others who don’t always see it in themselves. I help you choose the life you want not the life others think you should have.


Over the past two decades I have presented in Australia and internationally to a variety of industries, focusing upon connecting multi generations through customer service, intentional leadership – moving from Buddy to Boss, recruiting and retention of talent, resilience in the workplace and Women in business.

I’m a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the Professional Speakers Australia Representative on the Global Speakers Federation Board.

From a foundation in the Hospitality industry and now employing a team of 70, I have developed a strong repertoire of “real life” customer service/business success scenarios which I share with audiences from diverse business backgrounds in a variety of forums. I love what I do, transforming hundreds of businesses and individuals into a multi generational workforce.

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I help you embrace your second momentum in life to grow the business you’ve always dreamed of when you’re "over 50".

Don’t let excuses like, “ I’m not ___________ enough” – you fill in the blank to start a business.  Don’t be discouraged by others (even loved ones).  The feeling of overwhelm, you’re not a whiz at technology or feel that the market is already saturated.  I am here to help you every step of the way whether it’s starting a new business or adding new services or even a new direction I am the right person to have by your side to embrace your second momentum in life.

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Optimum Operating Procedures & Services

"Since 1994 I have worked collaboratively with clients for hundreds of hours delivering insights, creating surveys, providing retention strategies and leadership programs all while founding one of Australia’s most respected training and research company’s, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (OOPS). Providing mystery shopping, service benchmarking, focus groups, competitor audits, specialised leadership programs and customer service and engagement frontline training.  In 2007 I developed my own proprietary software OARS, providing “real-time qualitative and quantitative data, reviewing every aspect of their business operations.  With my amazing team we have delivered 33,000 reports and created 4,000 questions.  We offer a truly customised approach when working collaboratively with our clients".



Are you ready to focus on your career or business?

I am here to guide, educate, inspire and help implement the right strategies so you can achieve your management and life goals!

I offer three courses:

Middle Management Movement – for those in the hospitality industry

Handbag of Life – short course for women in business and the workplace

Customer Retention Revolution – 8 module program connecting multi generations in the workplace, identifying their drivers and retention strategies.  Providing an experience to your customers that has them becoming your advocates.

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I only work with a select group of people individually.  These people are focussed and have a desire to put the hard yards into growing their business or taking the next big step on their career path.

If you are a business owner you need to have been established for at least twelve months.

Private coaching is intense. You need to make the commitment and be accountable to achieve the business you have dreamed of and deserve.  If you want someone to walk you through the actionable steps, support you through challenges and achievements then I’m here for you.

Most importantly we need to get on, if you would like to book a 20 minute discovery call with no obligation please complete click the link below to arrange a time with me.  I look forward to chatting with you.

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