Hi, I'm Michelle.

I coach women to ignite their potential to fulfil their dreams in starting their own business. 

Are you a woman moving out of your current role, transitioning from the workplace, scaling up a hobby or have a dream to do something different?

Stepping out to do something meaningful in the next chapter of your life is exciting and rewarding but can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Many women know that they want to make a change, but don’t know how or where to start.

My passion is in helping women become their own boss embracing their "Second Momentum" to make that change. Sign up to the Second Momentum program today and take charge of your future, arming yourself with the insights and knowledge that will help you embark on a successful transition.




I started my business in 1994 at the kitchen table with two young children to care for and a computer that I bought with a small inheritance from my mum (believe me they were expensive back then!). 

I worked crazy hours, taking on new clients, offering new services, developing my own software and building a team, growing into a seven figure successful training and research company with long term clients and a large team. I even started a second business "laundry and cafe" but that's another story!  

You can hear more about my journey and how I’d love to work with you by watching the video. 



Michelle was recommended to me as a woman of integrity, incredible energy, and and undeniable passion to inspire success. I found her to be all of this and so much more.

Her coaching style is extremely professional, but at the same time laced with a familiarity which allows for wonderful discussion and unquestionable growth.

The frameworks she has developed seem simple in style and therefore easy to follow, but are filled with complexities which I only realised quite a way into my coaching.

The end result was that I was able to gain the confidence to believe in myself, and my talents, and to chase dreams much grander than I had originally envisaged.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to anyone hesitating in making a career change….she will make you see that the sky truly is the limit.

              CHRISTINA GROGAN



Second Momentum has been written for you.  No more overwhelm or wondering if you should take that leap of faith in your idea. 

Don't worry, being scared and doubting yourself is all part of the journey.  Join me and the other women in our beautiful community who are ready to embrace their Second Momentum, taking their ideas and passions to become successful entrepreneurs.