Let's Talk Turkey!

Raised on a Turkey farm and educated at a small bush school, teamwork became apparent in my life from a very early age.  We all needed each other whether we were the youngest or the oldest when it came to skipping with a long rope, playing soccer or softball. There was always a leader who placed us in the positions where we would be the most effective and even though at first we may have complained about being in the goal or in the outfield, the lessons learned were carried throughout life. For me personally, I remember my first PE lesson in high school at an all girls’ college, being chosen as the Goalie for the Hockey Team due to my “soccer skills”! In business it taught me that you can’t do everything alone and that people are willing to help, you only have to ask.

In 1994 when I established my company Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (better known as OOPS) it was only a few months before I began hiring a team to assist me as my company grew, however, I will admit it wasn’t planned out very well as the workload grew rapidly, so I learnt on the run to manage and lead a large growing team. 

I truly believe it is the years of being an employer that assists me in developing and delivering programs for Frontline team members and the Leadership teams of my clients.

Over the past two decades I have learnt how to manage and grow a successful business whilst also having a demanding personal life. I found that what I call the ‘care factor’ is what really matters; in management and business, in customer service, in training, coaching and speaking, and of course at home.

When I joined Professional Speakers Australia in 1996 (known then as National Speakers Association of Australia) I loved to talk, however, over the years I have crafted my presentations that are bespoke for every client to ensure the audience learn, laugh and put into action an idea that will develop their potential, build business growth and bring others in their team on a journey of success.  I have moved on from “talking to turkeys” to a “Certified Speaking Professional (CSP),  Only 12% of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide, who belong to the 16 member associations of the Global Speakers Federation, currently hold this designation.  I was honoured in 2018 to be asked to be the Australian Ambassador and Representative for Professional Speakers Australia on the board of the Global Speakers Federation, growing the links between countries and the speaking community.

My company is values driven, reflected in my life and who we do business with:  Dignity, Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality, Ambition, Trust, Respect, Family

How may I help you and your organisation?  Call now on +61 411 146 450



Realising a long term goal I became an author, not once but twice.  

“Igniting Potential” the title of my first book established me as a recognised author; leading me to deliver my second book “The VIP Principle - Discover how guest experiences build long-term growth" which has been widely accepted and regarded as an amazing resource to those in the hospitality, gaming and casino industry.


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