Frequently Asked Questions for all Online Courses offered by Michelle Pascoe

What format are the Online courses modules presented in?

There are lessons within each Module.  Typically there are video lessons, course notes and workbook.

Is there a Workbook? 

Typically there is a workbook or worksheets, checklists to complete in each module.  All modules are self paced.

Do we get a Certificate?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate on completion of the online program. This is not certification training, this is results driven training, as I truly believe in achieving results in your personal and professional development.

Do you have Organisational Membership or Individual Only?

The courses are designed for individual personal and professional development. If there are a number of individuals enrolling from one organisation a half or full day workshop will be an additional option to develop a united team and building an Action Plan together.

What is the total length of training or is it ongoing?

The length of each course ranges from 3 weeks to 12 months. All courses are self paced, with 2 year access to online modules only from commencement date.

Upon completion of your chosen course(s) there will be the opportunity to join ongoing mentoring in each of the courses private Mastermind groups, as well as attend networking and development events.  

What sets these courses apart from other business courses?

More than just online courses that you have to work through alone, each of my courses include fortnightly implementation live Q & A Masterclasses group Zoom calls, when working through the course content.  There is also the opportunity for private coaching sessions.


I am very passionate about those who have established their own businesses, are leaders in their organisation or are on their career journey to achieve their goals.   Through the various services that my company Optimum Operating Procedures & Services (OOPS) have been conducting since 1994, we are seen as a leading expert in the business world and this can be attested by clients who have taken me on their journey continuously for many years including our first client who joined us in 1999.

However, it’s more than just the organisation it’s the people who I have had the honour and privilege to train, coach and mentor. I will personally be with you on your journey, these are not courses where you are working by yourself. Together we will achieve your goals to live the life you choose, becoming the leader you deserve to be and build upon your business successes.

Who are these Courses designed for?

These courses have been designed for those who are wanting to achieve their goals on the leadership journey and take their business to the next level. You could be the business owner (Entrepreneur) or a CEO, I will be there as your coach and mentor, however, you have to put the hard yards in and ask yourself “where do I want to be five years from now”?

Can I request a refund? 

As this is a digital product and community experience, you will not receive a refund on the previous months.

How can I cancel? 

Email [email protected] and we will ensure cancellation is a simple process.



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