Transform your business with more than just a mere "customer service report" - our Business Insight Reports are your roadmap to unparalleled growth. Dive deep into the service and experiences delivered by your team members to your valued guests. Do they meet and surpass expectations? We illuminate the brightest spots within your organisation while pinpointing growth opportunities. Powered by our proprietary software, we craft tailored questions to unearth the insights you crave, breathing life into your data. Elevate your business with insights that inspire action and drive success.




Since 1999, we've built long-term relationships through continuous recommendations and referrals, establishing ourselves as a trusted authority across various industries, with a special focus on the Hospitality sector.

Your Success is Our Priority

At the core of our mission is the performance of your organisation. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of your business to provide real-time feedback that truly impacts your customers and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Introducing OARS: Our Proprietary Reporting Software

OARS is more than just a reporting tool; it's a gateway to understanding your customer interactions and service functions. With audit data available online within 24 hours of each visit, you gain full visibility over every aspect of your operations, ensuring you can make timely, informed decisions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our audit scope, question inventory, and reporting system are customisable to suit any client in any industry. You will always receive meaningful, easy-to-use information. Our reports offer both objective analysis supported by comprehensive statistics and graphical interpretations, and subjective analysis through our unique “Mapping of the Journey” approach. This allows you to see the customer experience through the eyes of our trained employees as they interact with your team and facilities.

Turning Insights into Action

To thrive in today's competitive market, businesses need Recommendations and Referrals. Our bespoke software highlights the journey, pinpointing where your team and facilities exceed customer expectations and where improvements are needed. By combining our expertise with your business’s strengths and aspirations, we develop strategies to enhance service skills and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Advanced Reporting Programs

In response to client needs and market research, we offer three additional reporting programs to help you stay ahead:

- Trends Analysis: Stay informed about the latest market trends.
- Benchmarking: Measure your performance against industry standards.
- Competitor Audits / Positioning Maps: Understand your competitive landscape and define your market position.

Partner with us to bring heart and soul to your market research, and transform your customer experiences into lasting success.

Member of MSPA - Mystery Shopping Professionals Association


As a researcher and employee of OOPS you are so much more than just a "mystery shopper".  Our long term clients have taken on ideas, suggestions and opportunities to improve their offering while growing their businesses through our reports.  We also pride ourselves in acknowledging excellent service when one of our team award a service person with a certificate that goes towards an annual industry Award.

If you enjoy going out, can write well, be objective and want to be paid for the experience then contact us now to apply for a role with O.O.P.S.  We are a trusted and respected research company since 1994.


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