Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Well before COVID19 struck TRUST was the key to building the connection between yourself and the team.  Many people had lost trust in their leaders, financial institutions and Governments.  Organisations had realised that they needed to lead with transparency, authenticity to build and regain the trust of their customers but firstly trust had to begin with the team.  

 Trust through:

  • Delegation
  • Allowing others to have a voice
  • Sharing the highs and lows
  • Input from the frontline when it came to strategies
  • Setting goals
  • Showing vulnerability
  • Asking for help
  • Performance management
  • Handling unprecedented interruptions

The last point is one that many of you may never have experienced before now and even if your business was affected by 911, GFC or natural disasters, the COVID19 Pandemic has disrupted the world.

Being caught unaware as so many leaders were, you had to think on your feet so quickly there was little time in some cases to make a plan in...

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Employee Acknowledgement: Why It's important and how to show it

What does your customer see and experience? 

… Is it beautifully curated moments, amazing décor, an ambience that envelops them?

If we were to pull back the curtain and take a peek behind the scenes, what would they *actually* see?

So often the focus is on “Customer Service”; service afforded to customers, however, just as important is “internal customer service”; service afforded to each individual in your team.  Over the past two decades researching and training multiple teams our data shows that there is a definite link between the engaged team member and engaged customer through service.

Currently I am presenting our annual award “OOPS Superior Customer Service Award” to 3 recipients; small, medium and large venues as well as the “OOPS Superior Customer Service Staff Award” to one amazing team member across the thousands that we assess over the year.  I know that our clients have...

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Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

The first 30 days of the first quarter are nearly behind us, what goals have you achieved?

Towards the end of last year you may have been thinking that was a great year we need to replicate what we did and grow upon it or perhaps you are saying I worked hard and still felt like we were treading water, making money to pay the bills but not what you had expected.  So you set goals for this year, eager, inspired and excited over the break and then life and day to day business got in the way.

One important implementation step for achieving goals is looking at your HABITS.

Are your current habits helping you or holding you back? 

Don't use the excuse "I haven't had the time",  how many hours do you spend a day looking at the small screen or watching Netflix?

Wondering what kind of habits you should add to your life?  Here are some fun ideas:

1)  Get up one hour earlier each day - to write a chapter of your book, work on a new business idea, listen to a podcast,...

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blog Dec 25, 2019


As 2019 comes to a close and many of our clients start to wind down to a well earned break, it is time that we focus our energy into creating the business that we want in 2020. Now for some this may mean repeating what you did well in 2019, however, for many it is all about tweaking, reviewing and assessing strategies, systems and what we really want from our business.

Finally after twenty five years of business I am taking my own advice that I give to my clients, to make the time to look at my business and to make sure I tick off my To Do List, research and even surpass my targets while still being able to function happily as a wife, mum and a nanna.

Spring cleaning the office recently I found some notes at the bottom of a draw which I had obviously put there to not lose, however, they became buried under equally if not more important paper work and therefore the great ideas that I had scrawled across the paper are still there on the paper and had not been put into...

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blog Dec 12, 2019


During the peak festive season many customers seem to be more demanding and unreasonable, deliveries take longer, wait times increase and inevitably tempers begin to flare.

Here are 5 tips to ensure your team are prepared for the Christmas rush.

  1. Listen- Acknowledge the best way to gain customer satisfaction is to listen. Those customers that are truly dissatisfied are bound to let you know! Those in the customer service team need to recognise those that are disgruntled and offer an immediate solution ensuring the customer feels heard, their feedback is valued and overall avoiding an escalated complaint. Having pre-prepared solutions, strategies, and leverages to the most common scenarios is the best way to your prepare your team.
    These solutions are best generated in quieter months and learnt from focus groups, finding these issues ahead of peak season! Team members then feel equipped and competent when ‘that’ customer presents themselves.
  2. Remain Positive-...
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Uncategorized Nov 28, 2019

I’ve put together for you a QUICK 5 minute exercise to:


  1. Determine all of the touch points during a single transaction with your customer.
  2. Reveal the underlying gaps in your customer experience that you can work on straight away.


For those of you who have worked with me before, you’ll know that this is all a fraction of the exclusive service I’ve put together for your business and venue – but for those of you who are new here, I’d love for you to jump on board and give your own business a mini service audit.


Step one: Take out a piece of paper and draw a line horizontally on the paper, then add all the touch points during a single transaction with your customer. Let’s call it the Dimensions of Service.


Step two: Grab three different coloured highlighters (red, green, yellow) and highlight each point to reflect the service standard. Here’s the key you’ll refer to:

Red – Negative...

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Uncategorized Nov 13, 2019


In my company the major use of technology was creating our proprietary software back in 2007 and then launching the OARS App in December, 2018.  The App has provided a tool to discuss report results, commend frontline team members for their excellent service or review service opportunities while on the floor without taking the employee back to the office to review on their desktops. Our technology has given them the freedom of face to face connection with their frontline teams.

The one key factor we have to consider when it comes to technology, even though it results in consistency and efficiency, is that it can be at the cost of personalised service. We hear so much about the disconnection that people have with each other and the rise of loneliness, we all need to take the time to get up, meet and connect with each other.  Emails and phone calls are great, but nothing will take the place of a face to face meeting where you can share a story, laugh,...

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Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019


Do you find that so often the focus is on Customer Service and the Customer Experience?

So do I. In fact, I find that too often, this is the ONLY priorities businesses are making.

Do you know what’s JUST as important? It’s the Internal Customer Service, the service afforded to each team member from their peers and management.

And you know what, there really is a link between Engaged Customers and Engaged Team Members through Service.

Over the past two decades my company has developed thousands of assessments and surveys to measure the link, and believe me, there is overwhelming data that certainly confirms that if a team member is engaged, then the engagement they have with the customer moves the interaction from “SO SO” to “WOW”, going above and beyond their expectations.

Let me ask you: What do you do to engage your team members?  What service are you providing your team? Are you providing anything for your team members?


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blog Oct 16, 2019


Have you ever been waiting to meet someone and as you stood there with your hand outstretched they said “I’ve heard a lot about you”!

For a moment your mind goes into hyper speed replaying every conversation and Facebook post hoping that what they heard was good?  My parents always used to say to me “your reputation precedes you” and how very true that is.

Your personal reputation and credibility along with the reputation and credibility of the organisation you work for or own is absolute paramount in today’s business world where more than ever personal recommendations are the strongest influencer in customers decision making.

Nobody will recommend any person or business that has a bad reputation or lacks credibility. What is unfortunate though is that customers have long term memories and seem to always remember the “poor service or the lack of their favourite dish on the menu” and then repeat these stories for years to...

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blog Oct 02, 2019


Recently I have been speaking to a number of CEO’s and even presenting workshops on this topic as there is a definite change happening when it comes to planning for a “career” in the intergenerational workforce we now have. Earlier this year one of my clients was so proud and excited to announce that they had 5 generations within their team, I loved how they celebrated this with their team and customers as it is an amazing achievement. Since then my conversations with clients and others in business, is how do we manage these teams that have those who are nearing retirement, set in their ways and don’t want change and those who are seeking the “next thing”, how do we engage them while being mindful that this last group is highly likely they will be with you for a “short time not a life time”.

Career path progression is different for each person it’s not purely their generation, we all know that the workforce and workplace...

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