In an environment where the creation of a culture focussed on the pursuit of excellence is central to your operation it is incumbent to invest in training and development.

Opportunity for professional growth is increasingly a driver to employee recruitment and retention, as is particularly evidenced in the millennials who are always looking for ways to improve their skills and knowledge.

You know when it comes to your Frontline Team, consistency is the key to service excellence...

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It's all about finding the right people

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Retaining the right people 

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Creating loyalty in both team and guests

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

Your dream is to have a happy team of employees all working together for the benefit of members and guests. Creating a community of loyal guests. 


A team that provides excellent service that changes the experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

You need to feel confident in your team delivering the vision through their actions and behaviours.


Becoming a workplace of choice and a leader in the industry.



Frontline Training  Workshops

These workshops will provide your frontline with tools and resources to become an engaged and enthusiastic team.


Your Frontline Team will learn;

  • Managing guest expectations

  • Reinforcement of desired organisational culture and guest experience outcomes

  • Resilience in handling service recovery

  • Discovering the zone of exceptional guest experiences in a fast paced world

  • Providing service in a multi-generational workplace


"Highly impactful and thought-provoking. Highly recommend!"


Michelle’s customer service training was outstanding! Her innovative approach, and emphasis on self-reflection, created an engaging and interactive experience. Michelle created an inclusive environment where everyone felt empowered to share their thoughts and ideas, and her presentation skills kept everyone involved during the entire six-hour session. The focus on improving the customer journey resonated deeply with the team, making it highly impactful and thought-provoking. 

 Highly recommend!

~ Management Team 

Nerang RSL Club 

"Empowered to be true customer service professionals..."


The Gaming Excellence Program provided a strong and focused insight into customer service and experience. It offers a holistic approach and understanding for the staff that allows them to provide the customer experience we strive for while empowering them to be true customer service professionals. I am more confident the staff have the right tools to positively engage and be empathetic towards a wider range of customers and situations. The collaborative environment of the course encouraged great ideas and feedback from the group and broadened the groups outlook. It’s going to allow for more meaningful discussions and a more focused approach by the team in their roles.

~ Chris Debrincat, Group Gaming Manager

Merrylands RSL Club

"Conveniently tailored to suit all sizes of venue and their budget..." 


Michelle is a trailblazer in facilitating and educating staff on how to provide amazing experiences for our customers. I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle for over 10 years and her passion and enthusiasm for hospitality is infectious. I would strongly encourage anyone in the industry to check out Michelle’s training and development courses, which are conveniently tailored to suit all sizes of venues and their budgets.

~ Luke Richards, CEO

Culburra Bowling & Recreation Club

Imagine how it would feel to...

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Deliver an experience, rupturing widely held industry stereotypes and differentiating you from the industry.

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Create a workforce that demonstrates desired behaviours on a consistent basis.

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Have a team that are cohesive and purposeful, delivering the vision.


All Frontline Training workshops are delivered in person and onsite at your venue. Delivered by me, sharing real life scenarios, bringing life to research data, sharing my knowledge and expertise that I have gathered after 30 years serving the hospitality industry.

"Great way for our team to re-establish service standards and expectations..."


The Customer Service Excellence & Engagement program was a great way for our team to re-establish standards and expectations around our service delivery to patrons and members. Michelle’s content and delivery was professional, engaging and encouraged input from participants.

Michelle is very professional, engages well with the class groups and brings a great perspective and approach to the course, which was refreshing. As soon as we have another group ready to go through the process, we will get Michelle back.

~ Daniel Marmont, Operations Manager 

Mittagong RSL Club

"I learnt how I can make our club a place customers want to come back to..."


Michelle had us engaged from the minute we walked in. We spoke a little about ourselves and for me, learning about my co-workers was really rewarding. We were all there for the same reason - to do that little bit extra for our customers. Michelle could relate to us because she also had a lot of knowledge about our club. Her manner was light and funny, and she always smiled. The Customer Service Excellence & Engagement Program was sharp and informative. I learnt trends that are happening in the industry and how to evolve with them. I learnt how important my customer service skills are and how I can improve to make our club a place that our customers want to come back to. I feel so honoured to have done this program.

~ Georgina Sakellaris, Receptionist

Dee Why RSL Club

"Michelle's impact on my customer service skills has been so profound..." 


Michelle's impact on my customer service skills has been so profound, that I still base my core approach on what I learned in my very first session with her 14 years ago. Michelle's ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner is a testament to her professionalism and expertise.

What sets Michelle apart is her welcoming and collaborative training style. She creates an inclusive environment that encourages open discussions and facilitates the exchange of ideas among attendees. Her genuine care for the growth and development of others shines through in every session.

~ Shynna Montague, Sales Manager

Southern Sydney Event Centre


Hi there, I'm Michelle Pascoe...

Since 1994 I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people in the hospitality industry through my company OOPS. I am passionate about individuals reaching their full potential and working with those who have aspirations for career growth.

I am an authority in the hospitality and gaming industry with extensive knowledge and experience, weaving my stories through all of my programs.

Delivered onsite at venues across Australia and New Zealand, my values based training is designed to connect the head and the heart of the guest and the team member. Through this connection, your frontline team is inspired to deliver excellent service and create memorable experiences for your guests, thus sharing the vision of Management and the Board.

I act and work with the highest integrity. My focus is on helping my clients achieve exceptional standards, whilst engaging and inspiring individuals on the frontline.