Employee Acknowledgement: Why It's important and how to show it

What does your customer see and experience? 

… Is it beautifully curated moments, amazing décor, an ambience that envelops them?

If we were to pull back the curtain and take a peek behind the scenes, what would they *actually* see?

So often the focus is on “Customer Service”; service afforded to customers, however, just as important is “internal customer service”; service afforded to each individual in your team.  Over the past two decades researching and training multiple teams our data shows that there is a definite link between the engaged team member and engaged customer through service.

Currently I am presenting our annual award “OOPS Superior Customer Service Award” to 3 recipients; small, medium and large venues as well as the “OOPS Superior Customer Service Staff Award” to one amazing team member across the thousands that we assess over the year.  I know that our clients have...

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