blog Dec 25, 2019


As 2019 comes to a close and many of our clients start to wind down to a well earned break, it is time that we focus our energy into creating the business that we want in 2020. Now for some this may mean repeating what you did well in 2019, however, for many it is all about tweaking, reviewing and assessing strategies, systems and what we really want from our business.

Finally after twenty five years of business I am taking my own advice that I give to my clients, to make the time to look at my business and to make sure I tick off my To Do List, research and even surpass my targets while still being able to function happily as a wife, mum and a nanna.

Spring cleaning the office recently I found some notes at the bottom of a draw which I had obviously put there to not lose, however, they became buried under equally if not more important paper work and therefore the great ideas that I had scrawled across the paper are still there on the paper and had not been put into...

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blog Dec 12, 2019


During the peak festive season many customers seem to be more demanding and unreasonable, deliveries take longer, wait times increase and inevitably tempers begin to flare.

Here are 5 tips to ensure your team are prepared for the Christmas rush.

  1. Listen- Acknowledge the best way to gain customer satisfaction is to listen. Those customers that are truly dissatisfied are bound to let you know! Those in the customer service team need to recognise those that are disgruntled and offer an immediate solution ensuring the customer feels heard, their feedback is valued and overall avoiding an escalated complaint. Having pre-prepared solutions, strategies, and leverages to the most common scenarios is the best way to your prepare your team.
    These solutions are best generated in quieter months and learnt from focus groups, finding these issues ahead of peak season! Team members then feel equipped and competent when ‘that’ customer presents themselves.
  2. Remain Positive-...
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blog Oct 16, 2019


Have you ever been waiting to meet someone and as you stood there with your hand outstretched they said “I’ve heard a lot about you”!

For a moment your mind goes into hyper speed replaying every conversation and Facebook post hoping that what they heard was good?  My parents always used to say to me “your reputation precedes you” and how very true that is.

Your personal reputation and credibility along with the reputation and credibility of the organisation you work for or own is absolute paramount in today’s business world where more than ever personal recommendations are the strongest influencer in customers decision making.

Nobody will recommend any person or business that has a bad reputation or lacks credibility. What is unfortunate though is that customers have long term memories and seem to always remember the “poor service or the lack of their favourite dish on the menu” and then repeat these stories for years to...

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blog Oct 02, 2019


Recently I have been speaking to a number of CEO’s and even presenting workshops on this topic as there is a definite change happening when it comes to planning for a “career” in the intergenerational workforce we now have. Earlier this year one of my clients was so proud and excited to announce that they had 5 generations within their team, I loved how they celebrated this with their team and customers as it is an amazing achievement. Since then my conversations with clients and others in business, is how do we manage these teams that have those who are nearing retirement, set in their ways and don’t want change and those who are seeking the “next thing”, how do we engage them while being mindful that this last group is highly likely they will be with you for a “short time not a life time”.

Career path progression is different for each person it’s not purely their generation, we all know that the workforce and workplace...

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blog Sep 18, 2019


In EP17 of my podcast Middle Management Movement, I interviewed Toni Clarke – long term Board member and Past Chair of the Foodservice Consultants Society International, Asia Pacific. We chatted about UberEats, Pop Ups and Precinct dining trends and from this conversation it got me thinking about what we are offering and is it meeting the needs and expectations of our diners presently and in the future in our Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants?

Presently, there are over 15,000 dining establishments partnering with UberEats around Australia as well as many other home food delivery services. In 2016 while attending the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago I had the opportunity to see Jason Droege (Head of Uber Everything) present on the concept and how they were expanding throughout the world, which obviously they have successfully done and like so many other similar services continue to “pop up” in both cities and regional areas.

The change...

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blog Sep 04, 2019


Have you ever read about a restaurant, lingered over the pictures and devoured each word until the craving became so strong that you had to go and experience it yourself?

Well I did!

However, it was not just a cook book or a magazine article that really got me hooked it was a book that was published by the owner. It was his vision for his business, his staff and the management practices totally focused on customer service that really interested me.

With the philosophy and wisdom of the restaurant owner ringing in my ears, who incidentally owns approximately 20 restaurants of various food styles I boarded a plane for New York.

Now before you ask, yes I was going to New York anyway for a conference (and shopping!). However, I wanted to experience first hand this man’s wonderful team of customer service practitioners & value adding demi-gods for myself.

The first impression was on the telephone when I rang to confirm my booking. My exuberant voice was met with a tone...

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blog Aug 21, 2019


Over the last decade I have spent a lot of time flying from here to there for business or leisure, but mostly business so a lot of the time it’s by myself and I have found it is most rewarding because you get to meet the most amazing people. Many a conversation has been started over sharing a salt shaker at breakfast to end up having dinner or a coffee to hear about their business or the company they work for. Being an entrepreneur I have made some wonderful connections through just having a conversation, no hard sales pitch, genuine from the heart chat.

It’s surprising no matter where you are from in the world the same issues with clients, staff and suppliers happens to everyone and it’s always to have a good laugh or to perhaps to learn a new way to handle a situation the next time by sharing your experiences.

Of course you always have to consider your safety , however, be adventurous don’t sit at the table scrolling through Facebook or emails, look...

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blog Aug 07, 2019


Mantra: The team is the reflection of the mindset of the leader.

For many of us there will come a time when we branch out and begin hiring a team. Within that team leaders are required to guide, manage and lead those in their team to provide the excellent customer service or the product or service that is expected by the customer and required by you.

Step by Step Wins

So how do you develop leaders?

It is about promoting ability, not tenure. It is looking for that person in your organisation who has that glint in their eye. Who is fully engaged and soaking up learning like a sponge. It is about developing these potential leaders by giving them a spot on your team and the opportunity to grow into bigger and better roles. The young leaders of today want to be challenged with opportunities for growth within the business and industry.

The smart business owners will tell their managers “I will give you as much opportunity to learn as you want. You just soak it up, but I also...

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blog Jul 24, 2019


” ‘We invite you to experience our world class facility and five star service!’

How often do we see these words in marketing campaigns, websites and brochures of hotels and resorts? Photos of the sun going down over the ocean, bubbling brooks, white fluffy towels, sun lounges and a chilled glass with bubbles rising to the top. It’s so real you can smell the salt in the air and the cool liquid quenching your thirst, writes Michelle Pascoe.”

Read the full article here.

First published in Canstar Blue, August 2016.

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