Jan 26, 2020

The first 30 days of the first quarter are nearly behind us, what goals have you achieved?

Towards the end of last year you may have been thinking that was a great year we need to replicate what we did and grow upon it or perhaps you are saying I worked hard and still felt like we were treading water, making money to pay the bills but not what you had expected.  So you set goals for this year, eager, inspired and excited over the break and then life and day to day business got in the way.

One important implementation step for achieving goals is looking at your HABITS.

Are your current habits helping you or holding you back? 

Don't use the excuse "I haven't had the time",  how many hours do you spend a day looking at the small screen or watching Netflix?

Wondering what kind of habits you should add to your life?  Here are some fun ideas:

1)  Get up one hour earlier each day - to write a chapter of your book, work on a new business idea, listen to a podcast, walk 10,000 steps, meditate, swim

2) Eat a piece of fruit every day

3) Read a book a month

4) Spend time with your partner

5) Learn to dance

6) Laugh out loud


What habits do you need to cultivate to change your mindset and grow your business? 







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