Building a Dream Team - Key Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

recruitment team team engagement team retention Mar 02, 2024

The Power of Employer Branding

What is the image that you project as a company to attract and retain employees?

What are your values and their actions?

Future employees want to know about you and the team.  What you stand for and the culture that you say you have. 

Idea:  Video behind the scenes, e.g. barista making a coffee, chef plating a meal, setting up for a function.  The key here is to make a connection with you and them (the future employee).  Put the video on your front page of your website.  Website visitors will now click on the video to see what you do and to meet the team indirectly.  

Idea:  Interview a handful of team members.  Ask them 3 questions.  Big hint here, don't interrupt or shut off your thinking by saying "really that's not going to work, or we have done that"!  Be open to listening.

1.  Why do you choose to work here?

2.  What do you love about working here?

3.  Would you recommend your friends and family to work here? Why?


Effective Recruitment Strategies

Share some of the unique ways you do things, e.g. for the community, as a team, recognition in the workplace, collaboration with other local businesses.

Idea:  In the interview and when they are part of the team, share the opportunities for growth in leadership development, more hours, more training.

Online applications - website and social media (Facebook Ad)

Personal referrals from existing team members and reward them.

Collaboration with local schools and hospitality schools

Host an open day/evening for future employees to see what it would be like to work in your organisation

Approach local schools and job network agencies - ask to speak at a Jobs Night or present a session

Speak at Chamber of Commerce / Host a Chamber event

Offer internships or practical hours for University graduates who are employed - accounts, marketing, people and culture


Retention Reimagined 

The cost of hiring a new recruitment according to AHRI is $26,000 plus there's the time, disappointment and frustration when the new hire leaves.

Retention is the third and crucial part of building the dream team.  What can you do to ensure your new hires will stay and become a key part of your business?

Competitive remuneration - above the award

Career development opportunities

Recognition and Rewards

Work Life Balance - Flexibility in rostering

Positive work environment

Employee Engagement Activities

Health and Well-being support

Employee Empowerment