The World Has Gone Crazy!

customer service leadership team Dec 15, 2023

'Tis the season for jingling bells, bustling malls, and the merry chaos of year-end projects! As the whirlwind of holiday shopping sweeps through your local shopping centres and hospitality venues, here are five tips to keep your sanity intact and guide your team through the final stretch of 2023.

Stay Composed and Confident

Your behaviour and actions as a leader are looked upon by your team, so getting hot under the collar, complaining about customers or barking demands will only have your team members wondering where all the Christmas cheer has gone, as well as reflecting your attitude onto your customers through themselves.

Spread some Christmas cheer with your team, start the day with some soothing Christmas carols (tongue in cheek), breathing exercises or donuts to boost those sugar levels. Have some fun and start the day with a positive attitude.

Connect with your Team

Stop and say hello to your team as individuals. I know you're busy, but it only takes a moment. Check in to see if they need any additional resources, products, or information to ensure they look after your customers, providing them with a memorable customer service experience. Listen to them without judgement when they have a great idea, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Delegate and ask for help if you need it. It’s amazing when we stop to ask people if they can help, work an extra shift, or extend their day in a positive manner how receptive they are and willing to help.

Engage your Customers

Acknowledge and welcome every single customer, don’t make excuses that you are too busy. Having a queue at your register is great news so let’s reflect that in the way we handle the customer, acknowledge them with a cheery hello. Everyone wants to be acknowledged, not ignored. Use their name when handling their debit/credit card and especially if they are using a store or membership card.

Don't forget to connect on the telephone too! Put a smile on your face before you dial the number or answer a call and ask them how they are. Christmas is not always cheery for everyone so take the time to listen and be present.

Implement Time Management Strategies

The holiday season comes with increased workloads and tight deadlines, so encourage your team to prioritise tasks effectively and use time management techniques to maintain productivity.

Consider organising short team meetings or huddles to discuss daily priorities, share important updates, and streamline communication. This can help everyone stay on the same page and minimise any confusion during the rush.

Express Gratitude and Recognition

Take the time to express gratitude to your team for their hard work and dedication, not just during the holiday season but for the rest of the year as well. A simple "thank you" or a small token of appreciation can go a long way in boosting morale.

A recognition program that acknowledges outstanding efforts can be very effective. It can create a positive and motivating environment, reinforcing the importance of each team member's contribution to the organisation throughout the year.

Use these tips to create a well-oiled hospitality establishment where professionalism, dedication, and a commitment to excellence guide your team towards a successful conclusion to the year. Wishing you and your team a triumphant and professionally fulfilling end to 2023!