blog Feb 14, 2019


(Gold Crest Security and O.O.P.S. partnering to deliver excellent customer service outcomes)

Cast your mind back for a moment. Picture yourself standing in a line waiting to gain entry into the Disco or hot night spot at the time, where your only chance of gaining entry was being judged by a bloke or maybe two standing at the entry door, black pants, white shirt, maybe even a bowtie, with bulging biceps, communicating not with words but through a nod of the head and a glance of the eye.

If you were a guy in the queue you may have been envious of these security guys with a bevy of beauties flocking around them, batting their eyelids, so they could get in and then there were their mates with their bulging biceps, who just walked to the front of the line, gave the apparent secret hand shake and disappeared into the doorway.

Fast forward, the present!.  We still have queues and the flirting and the muscle bulging queue jumpers are still evidenced, but what has changed is the role of the security personnel.  No longer are we confronted with “all brawn, potentially no brain” men, rather, we are now exposed to men and women providing a quality and informative role in their security guise.  Provision of a secure environment for patrons is still their number one priority, however, what is also important is a friendly welcome, the imparting of information when questioned about the venue and its facilities and the utterance of a pleasant farewell.  These are the requirements and expectations of both patrons and Club Management.

Security personnel are part of the whole Club team.  The patron sees them as a spokesperson for the Club.  Everything they say and do reflects on the Club.  There is no “us” and “them” mentality, Club staff and security personnel need to work in unison providing a quality experience and secure environment.  The Club culture must be universally exhibited.

Providing security to the Registered Club Industry is competitive (like all business) therefore security companies focussing upon this industry sector  have needed to be introspective, looking into their own systems, procedures, training and all importantly recruitment.

One such security company rising to this enhanced expectation is Gold Crest Security.  In seeking to reinforce their quality of service delivery in this regard, Gold Crest have taken a further step in engaging an independent authority to report on the delivery of its security function, its dispensing of Club information and its ability to reflect desired Club culture.

Responding to feedback Gold Crest Security has established a benchmark in the provision of a quality security function imbued with a desired Club culture.

Optimum Operating Procedures and Services Pty Ltd (better known as OOPS) has been working with the Registered Club Industry since 1999, providing Customer Service and Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Focus Groups and Surveys and Mystery Shopping “OOPS Insight Reports”.

OOPS works with some of the biggest Clubs in NSW along with small and medium sized clubs who value the “tailored” reporting system that OOPS offers.  Feedback is provided in respect on the Club and most importantly its staff performance, marketing initiatives, image exhibited and regulatory compliance, through service, marketing, image and regulations.

OOPS has always provided a security report for its Club clients, with this information forwarded via the Club to the management of the relevant security firm.  However, in the case of Rooty Hill RSL where Gold Crest Security perform the requisite security function, management at both organisations could see the importance of these reports, inclusive of the “Trends Analysis”.  In communicating the feedback to their personnel, they have both gained insight into the importance of having “customer service” focused security personnel and this has led to an improvement in service and a constant “stretching” of their service ability to meet and surpass the OOPS Security Benchmark.

As independent observers OOPS staff have engaged directly and indirectly with Gold Crest Security staff at their various Club venues and their broader clientele providing a tailored report that addresses:

  • Personal image of security personnel
  • Enquires relating to the venues facilities
  • Going beyond the expectations of a patron when assisting with an enquiry
  • Supporting Club staff with entry requirements
  • Supporting Club staff internally
  • Being a watchful and alert presence within the venue

In situations where intervention is required the “offending” patron is effectively and efficiently escorted from the premises in a “non attention grabbing manner”, avoiding disturbance of other patrons or escalation of interest and involvement by others.

There also remains venues that still have the line of security personnel blocking the entry, making every patron jump through hoops, whether you’re a mature lady or a male under 25.  The Club and Security company may believe there is good reason for this, however, to a member or visitor to your Club what message is this communicating.  Are people being judged based upon a minority experience in the past or are security wanting to show a little muscle and believe that being aggressive and not welcoming on their initial contact is going to make an impression?  Yes it will, but it may not be the impression that the security company or the venue is looking for.

Having entered the premises what is the next patron “encounter” with security? Is it seeing them leaning on the bar watching the football, while patrons (who are obviously over the alcohol limit), without any hint of intervention, yell loudly using abusive language making other patrons feel uncomfortable.

Both these scenarios do not portray a desirable image and do not exhibit a positive “customer service” culture.  So let me ask you, what impression do your security personnel communicate at your venue?

Security need to be seen but it’s how they are seen that makes the difference.  Positioning staff throughout the venue and having a team leader is critical in their operational procedures.  Being a security person can be a thankless task at times.  However, the staff and management at Gold Crest Security are aware that their role is not just providing a secure environment but instead are providers of information and in many cases the first and last impression that a patron has of the venue, particularly where Clubs utilise the security personnel to provide the “meet and greet” / farewell function instead of Club staff.

So why have an independent authority critique your security personnel?  Gold Crest Security undertake this reporting on a regular basis to achieve:

  • Client retention
  • Credibility of their customer service assurance
  • Recognition by potential clients that they are committed to a superior offering of security services
  • A reinforcement of teamwork (a true Club partnership)
  • Recognition as a quality control provider of security and customer service leader in the industry

Yes security is more than meets the eye – if professionally approached.

For a security service that prides itself on excellent customer service, provided by fully trained staff who work in conjunction with their clients in creating a welcoming and secure environment, contact Mark Walker at Gold Crest Security.