blog Aug 22, 2019


Over the last decade I have spent a lot of time flying from here to there for business or leisure, but mostly business so a lot of the time it’s by myself and I have found it is most rewarding because you get to meet the most amazing people. Many a conversation has been started over sharing a salt shaker at breakfast to end up having dinner or a coffee to hear about their business or the company they work for. Being an entrepreneur I have made some wonderful connections through just having a conversation, no hard sales pitch, genuine from the heart chat.

It’s surprising no matter where you are from in the world the same issues with clients, staff and suppliers happens to everyone and it’s always to have a good laugh or to perhaps to learn a new way to handle a situation the next time by sharing your experiences.

Of course you always have to consider your safety , however, be adventurous don’t sit at the table scrolling through Facebook or emails, look up and connect with those around you.

To make your travel time productive but also safe here are 10 quick tips:

  1. Don’t leave your room key in the packet that the Hotel gives you. If your bag or wallet is stolen they know exactly what hotel and room you are staying in, as inevitably the hotel has written it on the packet.
  1. Always use your phone as an alarm, don’t just depend on the wake up call.
  1. Read a local newspaper to get to know what’s happening.
  1. Make friends with the security personnel and front desk so they recognise you.
  1. Pay with cash or a card when dining or drinking in a bar in the hotel alone, don’t charge it to your room as they have your room number they know your not in there and that you are alone.
  1. Keep your charger in your carry on so you can recharge the laptop and phone when the plane is delayed.
  1. Download a good book or two on your phone to read. Saves weight.
  1. Always carry medications, jewellery and a spare change of underwear just in case your bag doesn’t arrive.
  1. Don’t sit at the table at breakfast reading your emails and Face Book be open to meeting people. You never know who you may connect with, by chance.
  1. Always have business cards on you to hand out, not in your luggage.

Even though the use of Skype and other connecting portals are used by many people in business it is always great to get on that plane and go and meet people personally, attend the conference to gain ideas and to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Hopefully, we will meet one day over a salt shaker or at airline lounge.